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Longhorn Baby Clothes

The phrase "Hook'em Horns" is a common theme amongst Texas Longhorn fans. The University of Texas, in Austin, is a high energy school that demands a lot of excitement from its alumni and fans. The school has 18 sports teams that feature 8 men's teams and 10 women's teams. The range of sports teams make purchasing Texas Longhorns baby clothes a great gift for any small child in the family. Each team at the University of Texas is notorious for playing tough, aggressive, and at a high level. The proof of the high level of play is noted by every opponent that the team plays.

Texas School Rivalries

The University of Texas has many rivalries. The biggest rival of the Longhorns is in state team Texas A and M. Texas leads the all-time football series with Texas A and M 76-37-5. The teams generally play on Thanksgiving weekend. The basketball teams play each other twice a year, but now that Texas A and M has moved to the SEC conference it is unknown how many time the teams will play each other. Texas's other rival is the University of Oklahoma. When the two teams play in football they call the game the Red River Shootout. The game is help at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

Longhorn Sports Success

The school has won a total of 49 National Titles. The school has also won several hundred conference championships. Most notably the schools swimming and diving team have won 52 conference championships and 10 National Championships. This winning tradition shows that dressing your children in Texas Longhorns baby clothes will give them a sense of enthusiasm and accomplishment.  

The Texas Longhorns have about 500 men and women athletes who are playing in NCAA Division I intercollegiate program. The Longhorn Baseball team was the first team sport beginning in 1896. 

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Latest news from Burnt Orange Nation - All Posts.

Daily Round Up: Texas Is Functional Without Ash
Disclaimer: Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something written by a 13-year-old, a so-called sports journalist or Clay Travis (is there really any difference between those options?). Read at your own peril.

The word functional isn't exactly what I wanted to hear. [WPTZ]

What was the national reaction to UT's win? [Dallas Morning News]

Five thoughts on Texas' win over UNT. [Dallas Morning News]

Dylan Haines now has a scholarship. [247 Texas]

Did you know...The Texas media center is named after Bill Little? [Texas Sports]

There was a drone flight over DKR Saturday night. [Forbes]

Big 12

Big 12 teams played top teams unexpectedly close. [Albany Times Union] Big 12 coaches weren't surprised that the teams played so well. [Tulsa World]

Tech's victory over Central Arkansas didn't exactly feel like a win. [Dallas Morning News]

Baylor is the top football program in the state. [Dallas Morning News]

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Postgame Statistical Summary: Texas vs. UNT

Let's delve into the play-by-play from the Texas-UNT game... with pictures!

Oh man, I wonder what the reaction is going to be like if we come out of the gate and lose to UNT. I'd avoid BON for a week. -- Fellow Pessimist

Although we didn't lose to North Texas, it's kind of hard to celebrate a victory in which your senior starting center and senior starting quarterback both succumb to what are looking like season- and possibly career-ending injuries. Especially for David Ash, this is devastating news whose repercussions reach far beyond the football field. With a top-20 QB rating in 2012, and a stronger start in 2013 prior to injury, I think Ash had a legitimate chance at being a top-10 QB in 2014. I hope he still does.

With the uncertainty surrounding the QB position, it is hard to feel good about the rest of the season even after this dismantling of UNT. Nevertheless, the play-by-play data are (partially) encouraging, and there are some trends to keep an eye on.

Big plays and Bad plays.

In the chart above, "big gains" are 20+ yard passes or 10+ yard rushes. Short gains are 0-20 yard passes or 0-10 yard rushes.

The chart above shows that the Texas defense was absolutely stifling. This may be the only time in the last four years that Texas has allowed no rushes for 10 or more yards in an entire game. And we stopped the long rushes while still stopping UNT behind the line on 20% of their carries; if I had to point to one thing, I'd say that's because of sound tackling. Zero big plays, lots of stops behind the line of scrimmage, and 94 total yards of offense -- domination.

On offense, Texas only completed 3 passes for more than 20 years, and 2 rushes for more than 10. This is not very encouraging. For some solace, keep in mind that UNT ranked #15 in the country last year in rushing defense, a statistic that includes a game against Georgia. But frankly, I didn't feel great about the offense Saturday, and feel worse knowing that our best Center-QB tandem is out for the season.

Left, middle, and right.

Above are the rushing and passing distributions over the left, middle, and right thirds of the field.

Weirdly, both the Texas rushing and passing offense struggled over the middle third of the field. When we ran to the outside Texas was averaging 7 yards per rush vs. 1.6 yards per rush up the middle. This is strange. Usually, teams run the ball better over the middle of the field, but against an opponent like North Texas bouncing the ball outside becomes a much less risky proposition, so perhaps this is just standard operating procedure against an overmatched opponent.

The Texas passing game also struggled over the middle of the field, with Ash only completing 5 passes for 9 yards over the middle. This is also atypical for David Ash who generally prefers the middle of the field, and whose career average over the middle is right around 10 yards/attempt (this is like, a yard shy of being the best in the country). Although Ash had the most yards throwing to the right, most of them came on throws to John Harris, who was running across the field from the flanker position. Kind of an odd pass distribution.

On defense, North Texas stubbornly rushed the ball into the middle of the defense for 60 yards, but it took them 24 rushes to do it; they were rushing about a yard per play (3.5 vs 2.5) better to the outside, but didn't stick with it, possibly because of the Texas DEs.

And finally, the North Texas passing attack is summarized by the following infographic:


Probability of Texas winning the game

The above chart shows the probability of Texas winning the game throughout the entire game. Mouse over the plays to see what they are. This is to see how much impact individual plays had on the outcome.

There is not much to be said here about this chart; Texas started well and played well throughout. As you can see above, after David Ash's 28 yard near-TD pass to Harris 20 minutes into the game the outcome was never again in doubt, and UNT's late game heroics (or rather, Texas' late game miscues) did little to affect the situation. All things we knew watching the game.


With the exception of the devastating losses of Espinosa and Ash, this was a pretty standard dismantling of an overmatched early season opponent. Although the Texas offense was bizarrely inept over the middle of the field, it's possible this is just because the quality of the opponent was opening up bigger gains elsewhere; it will be worth keeping an eye on this next week against a stout BYU defense. In general though, the passing game needs to improve on its 5.6 yards per attempt; the entirely average 4.1 yards per rush really carried the offense (Mack: we did it).

Lastly, the Texas defense was basically everywhere excellent. There is nothing to complain about on that side of the ball. And that feels pretty good.


The Texas Longhorns upcoming game schedule.

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The tailgate party and watching your team win will be awesome!

How About Them Texas Longhorns

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