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Longhorn Baby Clothes

The phrase "Hook'em Horns" is a common theme amongst Texas Longhorn fans. The University of Texas, in Austin, is a high energy school that demands a lot of excitement from its alumni and fans. The school has 18 sports teams that feature 8 men's teams and 10 women's teams. The range of sports teams make purchasing Texas Longhorns baby clothes a great gift for any small child in the family. Each team at the University of Texas is notorious for playing tough, aggressive, and at a high level. The proof of the high level of play is noted by every opponent that the team plays.

Texas School Rivalries

The University of Texas has many rivalries. The biggest rival of the Longhorns is in state team Texas A and M. Texas leads the all-time football series with Texas A and M 76-37-5. The teams generally play on Thanksgiving weekend. The basketball teams play each other twice a year, but now that Texas A and M has moved to the SEC conference it is unknown how many time the teams will play each other. Texas's other rival is the University of Oklahoma. When the two teams play in football they call the game the Red River Shootout. The game is help at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

Longhorn Sports Success

The school has won a total of 49 National Titles. The school has also won several hundred conference championships. Most notably the schools swimming and diving team have won 52 conference championships and 10 National Championships. This winning tradition shows that dressing your children in Texas Longhorns baby clothes will give them a sense of enthusiasm and accomplishment.  

The Texas Longhorns have about 500 men and women athletes who are playing in NCAA Division I intercollegiate program. The Longhorn Baseball team was the first team sport beginning in 1896. 

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Latest news from Burnt Orange Nation - All Posts.

Texas Longhorns will receive official visit from ATH DeAndre McNeal

The Horns are still in the mix for the Poteet star.

Mesquite Poteet athlete DeAndre McNeal is hardly just the teammate of five-star linebacker Malik Jefferson, but the fact that the college future of the the two players could be intertwined is reason enough for Texas fans to get even more excited about the fact that McNeal has scheduled an official visit to see the Texas Longhorns in person, according to multiple reports.

In recent weeks, the odds of getting that crucial visit hadn't seemed especially high with four other visits mostly locked in, making the upcoming trip to Austin a crucial one for the Horns as McNeal gets closer to his planned decision.

McNeal has also set up official visits to Arizona State, Miami, Oklahoma State, and UCLA.

The trip to Austin will happen on November 8, when the Horns face off against the Mountaineers. Several other recruits will also be in attendance that weekend and spending time with commits can sometimes be a positive for prospects considering that school.

Rated as a consensus high three-star prospect, McNeal is ranked as the No. 30 athlete and the No. 52 player in the state of Texas in the 247Sports Composite rankings.

In the last several months, McNeal's stock has taken off among college coaches and he's already turned in a productive senior season, scoring a touchdown every three touches on offense. Two touchdown catches and three sacks in front of Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin in late September helped him earn an offer from the Aggies that could be a game-changer but apparently won't result in an official visit to College Station.

The 6'2, 228-pounder is being recruited as a pure athlete, as a wide receiver, and as a linebacker and there isn't much of a consensus about his eventual destination at this point, either. Currently holding at least 25 offers, McNeal has a split Crystal Ball -- Alabama leads, while Ohio State, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech also feature predictions in their respective favors.

The recruiting momentum is such for the Aggies that offering late in the process didn't hurt the school with Ennis defensive end James Lockhart, the top-rated player in the state who committed to Texas A&M in July despite not receiving his offer until the middle of May.

Given the predictions for the Aggies that have so quickly followed his offer, Texas A&M may be the leader at this point, though McNeal certainly hasn't admitted as much publicly.

Texas needs athletes like McNeal on both sides of the ball and still has a shot to land both McNeal and Jefferson.

The odds of getting both are probably well less than even at this point with the Aggies looming so large over the in-state recruiting landscape and looking on track for a big-time season on the field, but, hey, having a chance isn't so bad, right?

So it is in the world of Texas football, where expectations remain severely diminished across the board.


That one guy in your section who won't shut up's UT Fan Experience Survey response


[Some of you may have gotten something similar to this recently. We all know "that guy" would have something to say. -Horn Brain]

What's your ticket-holder status? I did not pay GOOD MONEY to watch these players QUIT! My wife's name is on the tickets for tax purposes.

What's your age, gender, etc. Age: 48. Gender: WHITE MALE. 40 time: FASTER THAN MALCOLM BROWN, I BET. Vertical: I could touch the rim in high school. Shirt size: XL except from Wal-Mart, then just L. COORS LIGHT, CHEVY, COWBOYS.

How far do you live from stadium? I live in Dallas. I don't know how far that is but I bet BYU HAS MORE RUSHING YARDS THAN THAT! WHAT DO YOU THINK, CHARLIE?!?!?

Annual income? I'd rather not put anything like that down on paper, see question #1.

Do you use your season tickets for personal and/or business purposes? I'm just here to WAKE PEOPLE UP! And what's with the financial stuff, MOVE ON, PATTER$ON!

What statement best describes your relationship with UT? Juuuuust f***ing great, Watson! [Beat. Aside: WELL DON'T BRING YOUR KID TO THE GAME, THEN, IDIOT!]

How many home football games have you attended so far this season? THIS ISN'T A GAME IT'S AN EMBARRASSMENT!

With how many other people do you typically attend UTFB games? 102,302?!? MORE LIKE 30,000, PATTER$ON! YOU LIAR!

How important are each of the following in determining whether you will attend a specific game:

1.      Start Time: I guess pretty important because I definitely show up UNLIKE OUR DEFENSE, BEDFORD!

2.      On Field Performance to Date: YOU CALL THAT A PERFORMANCE!??!

3.      Availability of friends/family to join me: What difference does it make? My wife always gets "tired" before half time anyway and the kids don't PAY ATTENTION TO THE FIELD!

4.      Significance of games to standings: ALAMO BOWL HERE WE COME!

5.      Opponent: You mean COACHING!??!

6.      Whether the game features a promotion: I'd give my LEFT NUT if they'd promote HEARDS TO START AT QB!

What type of seating does your package have? Yeah, THAT'S what we'll call this offense: The SEATING package! BECAUSE IT SUCKS, WATSON!

Including this year, for how many consecutive years have you been a season ticket holder?How many years have we SUCKED?

How well does being a UTFB ticket package holder this year compare with the ideal ticket package holder experience? Oh that's funny, like Strong has ANY IDEAL how to get a team READY TO PLAY!

Overall, how satisfied are your with your UTFB ticket package holder experience this year?NOT AT ALL! I wanted to sit nearer to MIDFIELD but they wouldn't move me any closer to the bench PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY KNOW I'M HONEST!

To what extent has being a UTFB ticket package holder this year met your expectations? Well the offense has been TOTALLY EXPECTABLE, WATSON! JESUS CHRIST! IT'S LIKE WE AREN'T EVEN TRYING!

How likely are you to recommend purchasing a similar UTFB ticket package to a friend or colleague? N/A, all my "friends and colleagues" are IDIOTS!

If today were the deadline to renew your UTFB ticket package for next season, how likely would you be to renew? I would probably renew just so I don't lose my spot. BUT NEXT YEAR, GODDAMMIT...

How important do you consider each of the following aspects:

1.      Ability to sell tix on secondary mar- I'm just going to cut you off here. ALL THAT MATTERS is RUNNING THE DAMN BALL. EVERY YEAR I been saying this and NO ONE GETS IT. EVERY YEAR we line up the same EXPECTABLE GARBAGE. New coach, SAME PROBLEMS. We got a bunch of IDIOTS running this program. We SHOULD have listened to McCOMBS and brought in GRUDEN, not CHARLIE BROW- uh- STRONG! We got the WRONG CHUCKIE! WROOOOOOOOONG CHUCKIE! WROOOOOOONG CHUCKIE! WROOOOOOOOONG CHUCKIE!


Who would you contact first with question/issue regarding ticket package? I found PATTER$ON'$ EMAIL on hornsfans, so probably him!

What is the one thing UT could do to provide the optimal experience? FINALLY you ask ME! Well I'll tell you what I WOULDN'T DO and that's whatever the WROOOOOOOOOONG CHUCKIE wants. I'd put HEARDS in at QB, and only use "OOPES" for WILDCAT ON THE GOALLINE because he isn't a natural quarterback but he does have speed. I'd finally take ESPINOSA out at center because he has ALWAYS SUCKED and put in RAULERSON, that kid LOVES HIS TEAM and THAT'S WHAT WE NEED! I'd stop throwing SCREENS and RUNNING OUT OF THE DAMN SHOTGUN. All that GREG DAVIS CRAP has to go! We'd only ever throw it DEEP or maybe sometimes a slant if they blitz us. I'd tell that O-line to NUT UP and BLOCK SOMEBODY. I'd tell the WHOLE DEFENSE the SAME THING. I've NEVER seen ANYTHING LIKE THIS! I'd tell them to WRAP UP and go try and HURT SOMEBODY. For GOD'S SAKES you're a LINEBACKER not a... a... WHINEbacker! And no more ZONE. If you can't PLAY MAN, you AIN'T ONE! I wouldn't accept giving up a SINGLE YARD. I'd make EVERY PLAYER run a lap for EVERY YARD they give up as a team. You BET YOUR ASS they won't give up a damn FIRST DOWN ALL YEAR, you WATCH! And if THAT didn't work, next game I'd make them run TWO LAPS!

Please indicate what types of live events you attended in the last year: I saw Pete Frampton at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, and he had this band open for him... [Aside: What was that band named, honey? The one at FRAMPTON, WHO ELSE?. Yes you do, THINK! Oh JESUS CHRIST!] I can't think of it right now but I tell you what they rocked HARDER THAN HE DID. Frampton ought to be ASHAMED of getting SHOWED UP at his OWN SHOW. I asked for my MONEY BACK at the will call but they were CLOSED already because they KNEW they'd have a RIOT ON THEIR HANDS with that CRAP they put on stage. Anyway, I went and gave the place a ONE STAR Yelp review and told them they'd LOST MY BUSINESS! Why do you ask?

Don't be that guy, 'Horns fans.


The Texas Longhorns upcoming game schedule.

If you only go to one game this season, make this one be it. Get your tickets Kansas Jayhawks Womens Volleyball - Texas Longhorns (WOMEN) game tickets. Great seats on 10/05/2014 game at Horejsi Family Athletics Center Lawrence, KS are available to be purchased right now online. Kansas Jayhawks Womens Volleyball vs. Texas Longhorns (WOMEN) Tickets at Horejsi Family Athletics Center field, see tickets.

Buy Texas Longhorns Womens Volleyball - Texas Tech Red Raiders tickets. Great tickets for 10/09/2014 playing at Gregory Gym - Austin, TX are available on the internet. Texas Longhorns Womens Volleyball vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders Tickets at Gregory Gym field, see tickets.

Purchase online tickets for the Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners online tickets. Game tickets to 10/11/2014 game at Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, TX can be bought or sold online. Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners Tickets at Cotton Bowl Stadium field, see tickets.

This game will be a great experience to see in person.

How About Them Texas Longhorns

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